Former Veteran actress and medical practitioner, Regina Askia has taken to her verified Instagram page to exalt the name of the Lord, noting that one’s life can slip off from one in a twinkle of an eye when one is diagnosed with a serious life-threatening illness.

According to her, a routine check may throw up a curve ball that will give one a few months to say goodbye.

Gina said out of the blue, a Chest X-ray she did indicated that there was a 5 cm mass on the right side of her trachea.

The worried health practitioner affirmed that Tracheal masses are extremely rare and her exclusive to smokers as anxiety sets in.

According to her, she has worked so hard over the years, and when it’s time for her to enjoy herself, a deadly disease sets in as she worries about her children, her 92-year-old mother who couldn’t survive the loss of another child, and her family.

She explained that she had never smoked before and had always been the caregiver but was now the patient.

Regina Askia mentioned that she was unable to sleep but her husband, Big Rudy kept encouraging her, and she reached out to her mother who also prayed for her and encouraged her to have faith in God.

Askia affirmed that most people in her family are spiritual entities and that she fasted and prayed as she wasn’t ready to leave the earth.

Meanwhile, she never had any symptoms, and people who have worked with her often call her “Iron Lady” due to her capacity to work hard.

The beautiful actress said the time for a CT scan to determine and further diagnose the tumor approached and to her, it was the gate of hell, and a positive CT scan meant she had to say goodbye and she began to pray, reciting Psalm 91 regularly.

Regina Askia revealed that two days later, her doctor called her and said there was no mass and no cancer, adding that her tears were copious and hot in deep gratitude as she prayed Psalm 23.

Gina prayed that God who started the good works in her life would perfect all that concerned her.

Glory be to God.

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