Mohbad’s Father, Joseph Aloba has just revealed in a talk show that he never named his grandson, Liam.

When the show host asked who was Liam and who named his grandson Liam, he swiftly said he wasn’t the one that named him, and that his late son, Mohbad didn’t name his son either.

He noted that he wanted to give his grandson Victor but they insisted and gave him “Liam”, adding that it’s the Muslims that bear “Liam”.

Mr Aloba explained that he began to have weird feelings and suspicions when they didn’t give him the placenta of the child, adding that the placenta of the baby was given to the real owner of the baby.

Netizens have slammed Joseph Aloba for making such accusations online, educating him on the name, “Liam” which many said wasn’t a Muslim name but an English name whose full meaning is “Williams”.

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