Umennadi Chisom Mary, popularly known as Chisom Umennadi is a fast-rising young actress who’s prominent for her role in “Diamond In The Trash” alongside Christian Ochiagha which was released on May 1, 2024 and hit 1 million in 8 days.

Chisom is a new face in the Nollywood industry and has proven that she’s here to stay as she displayed brilliant performances on her first major project, “Diamond In The Trash” which has raised the eyebrows of YouTube viewers. 

The hit movie teaches moral lessons on how to be kind to people irrespective of one’s rich status and Chisom played a poor girl, giving an additional layer of artistic expression that triggered love and respect for her after many watched the film.

Many across the world affirmed that they were emotional, giving her kudos for her exceptional performances.

Chisom Umennadi, a native of Anambra State, kick-started her acting career in 2023, playing minor roles in several movies. 

Mary is a young star actress, chef, fitness enthusiast, and entrepreneur. 

She has starred in movies like Village Girl, The Man For Me, My Flesh And Blood, Goodbye Celine, The Clique, and many others. However, movie producer and filmmaker, Vic Matt believed in her ability and gave her a shot in his film, “Diamond In The Trash” where she played the main character and she delivered beyond expectation. 

Hopefully, this greater height will give room for more success as the young actress is ready to take the bull by the horns to storm the film industry with her potential.

That’s why she honed her acting skills at Stanford Film Academy where she learned the ethics of acting and creative talent management. 

Mary is ready as she expects scores of commercial jobs in the future. She’s equipped with the right tools to function as an exceptional actress as her acting performance in her first major hit film serves as a justification that she’s confident about her craft and is ready to take up any challenge and win that will come her way.

Apart from acting, she’s a chef. Chisom Umennadi lives in Asaba, Delta State, and is the CEO of My Food By Sommy, an online food vendor. She’s also a fitness enthusiast and has a beautiful body. She’s a light-skinned and 4 feat actress with amazing slim body curves.

Obviously, her beauty is a plus to her acting career and she’s only as smart and intelligent as she looks. 

More to come from the beautiful light-skinned actress as she explores the film industry as a new face and makes the best of it while projecting African stories to the world.

She’s equipped with the right skills to shine and in a matter of time, she will be at the top with other top stars like Uche Montana, Sonia Uche, Chinenye Nnebe, and many others.

Chisom umennadi Biography

Chisom Umennadi Mary was born on October 28, 1998, to Mr and Mrs Umennadi in Asaba, Delta State but is a native of Aguata local government area in Anambra.

Her father, Mr. Umennadi is late but her mother is still alive.

After her primary school education, she attended Trinity Secondary School and graduated in 2013. Then she proceeded to Delta State University where she bagged her bachelor’s degree.

Due to her passion for acting, she was trained at Stanford Film Academy where she studied acting and creative talent management.

Her acting career kick-started in 2023 but she rose to fame on May 1, 2023, after starring in “Diamond In The Trash” with Christian Ochiagha; the movie that hit 1 million in 8 days, followed by “My Safe Place” also with Christian Ochiagha.

Chisom Umennadi At NYSC Carnival With Friends

Viewers are expecting more from the voluptuous young actress as she started her major film with so much enthusiasm and love for her craft delivering a powerful theatrical performance.


Left, Chisom with Mofe Duncan, Right, Chisom with Christian Ochiagha

Chisom Umennadi is currently single. She revealed this via her Facebook page.

Siblings, Father, Mother

Chisom Umennadi has a brother whose name is Francis. Her father, Mr Umennadi died in 2020 and her mother, Mrs Umennadi is still alive, and strong, and lives in Asaba, Delta State.


Mary is not married and doesn’t have a son/children. This page will be updated when she gets married.

Real Age(How Is Chisom Umennadi?)

She was born on October 28, 1998, and will be 26 on October 28, 2024.

State Of Chisom Umennadi Chisom Umennadi From?/Tribe)

She’s a native of Aguata in Anambra and is Igbo.


She’s worth $300. She’s a new face in the film industry and has only done one major project. Hopefully, more is to come to grow her finances, growth, and businesses. 

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