In this article I will be sharing with you 7 most funniest Nollywood actresses in Nigeria. No matter how hard people complain about the authenticity of the old Nollywood industry, comedy are a few things one cannot take away from those times. You always have yourself a good laugh when you watch most of those comedy movies. There are a few female Nollywood actresses who have the abilities to make us laugh out loud.

1. Funke Akindele

One can’t talk about comic characters in the Nigerian movie industry without mentioning Funke Akindele. Her character as Jenifa in the self-produced TV series ‘Jenifa’ is one of the most entertaining characters on TV in recent times. With a formidable command of the English language, Jenifa looked forward to attaining a life of fulfillment as a hairdresser in Lagos, she continues to reach her goals and made it big but the struggle still lies on how she expresses herself using the English language.

2. Eniola Badmus

Eniola Badmus is one of the funniest actress in Nollywood. If you have been wondering where the popular Yoruba slang “Gbo gbo Biz girls” came from, then know that Eniola Badmus is the originator of that slang, which sprung from her role in ‘Jenifa’ a comedy film produced by Funke Akindele. Eniola Badmus is known for her humorous dress sense and how she embodies her character to breed amusement, perhaps, adding a little absurdity to enhance her role. Her physical appearance alone will make people laugh out loud.

3. Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson is a versatile actress and can fit in any role or character. When she is not playing the character of your typical ‘I just got back’ sophisticated lady or a princess betrothed to a prince from another kingdom, Mercy Johnson is acting a village illiterate whose hilarious character will have her acting a fool to everyone that comes across her. Her most popular movie character, ‘Dumebi,’ where she got pregnant for a rich businessman who eventually brought her to the city to live a better life.

4. Queen Nwokoye

Queen Nwokoye character is usually everybody’s nightmare in the village. She often portrays a stubborn lady who would not let anyone ride her over, no matter the situation. She is hardhearted and would go to any extent to take back what is hers. One of her biggest Nollywood movies is Ada Mbano, an Igbo movie where she played the role of an illiterate lady who would do anything to experience a better life including falling prey to peer pressure.

5. Ngozi Nwosu

Ngozi Nwosu is one of the funniest actress in Nollywood. Her hilarious role in the comedy television series ‘Fuji House Of Commotion’ is one that can’t be forgotten. Ngozi Nwosu has been recognized for her work in Nollywood and has won the City People Movie Special Recognition Award for her contribution in the comedy genre of Nollywood. She is also known for her role in the Airtel advert series where she antagonizes her inlaw while they struggle for who deserves a better place in their children’s home. Nwosu started out using the phrase “Selfie time” and it soon became a trend that was widely used on TV.

6. Rachael Okonkwo

Rachael Okonkwo is one of the funniest actresses in Nollywood. Her hilarious role as Nkoli in the Igbo indigenous movie ‘Nkoli Nwa Nsukka’ depicts the character of a typical Nsukka village girl who got married to a rich man whom she doesn’t want to share with any other woman. Her character in the movie was love by everyone and it is that same movie that brought her to limelight.

7. Patience Ozokwor

Patience Ozokwor is one of the funniest actress in Nollywood. Her hilarious role as Mama G is a character that can never be forgotten. Mama G is one controlling character that never lets anyone shut her down. She will have you questioning why you ever attempted to get in her way because her utterances are demeaning and her reactions cunny. Patience Ozokwor has been in over 200 movies including Ukwa, which she acted alongside with Nkem Owo.

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