In this article I will be sharing with you 10 countries in Africa with the most handsome men. In the African culture, a man’s looks are amplified by his wealth, social standing, among other things. In addition, African men are a perfect embodiment of tall, dark, and handsome. On to the fashion world, they are reputable stylists who always make heads turn. In various African cultures, men are compared according to what they have. This can be in the form of money, material wealth, lands, and popularity amongst others.

African countries have more handsome men compared to men in the western world. African men are handsome, gorgeous, tall, dark, and classic. They are also referred to as fashion icons. We always hear about the most handsome men in Africa but question that always comes to mind is, which country in Africa has the most handsome men. This is what you will find out today in this article. You will find out the countries in Africa with the most handsome men.

But in our own case, we have done a thorough research and have compiled the list of the countries with the most handsome men in Africa. So, therefore, after a careful study and research we bring to you 10 countries in Africa with the most handsome men.

1. Kenya

Kenya is an East African country filled with handsome men and good-looking people. Kenyan men tend to give ladies sleepless nights with their charming smiles and muscular bodies. Kenyan men are known to be extremely ambitious and smart upstairs. Kenyan men are doing extraordinary in the design business, speaking to the country and its kin. They tend to give ladies sleepless nights with their beautiful smile and their red lips. One of the things that are most noticeable about Kenya men is that they are well-mannered. Kenya men are very caring and tend to spend time with their spouses even in the midst of their busy schedules. Aside from being very handsome, good-looking, romantically appealing, and caring, Kenya men are also good cooks. They can cook very well and can even compete with the feminine gender when it comes to cooking good meals. Kenya men are also known to be smart and intelligent. They hardly argue and tend to be self-reliant.

2. Nigeria

The country is known as the giant of Africa the most populous country on the continent. And with that large number of people, there is no scarcity of handsome men in the country. Nigerian men are unaffected by the passage of time. They have been on nearly every list of Africa’s most attractive guys. They were known for being both attractive and fruitful. A Nigerian is your best bet if you want to have a good time with a guy. The most handsome guy in Africa made it to the Nigerian list in 2019. They are known for their imposing stature and enticing appearance. Every girl dream dates a Nigerian guy.

3. Ghana

When you hear of Ghanaian men the first thing that comes into mind is tall, dark, handsome, and heavily endowed. Ghanaian men are very interesting people and they are romantic too. They love to work out and eat well. A Ghanaian man will easily flatter women at graduation parties, wedding parties, and even at funerals. Yes, they are handsome and they know it. Another important trait that I have noticed about Ghanaian men is that they are confident, jovial, and heavily endowed making them very desirable. Ghanaian men are very funny and fun to be around. Ghanaian men are known for being tall, dark, fair, intelligent, and talented. Every woman will want to marry a Ghanaian man because they are very romantic and caring. When you date a Ghanaian it won’t be long before you are being referred to as husband or wife, such as the speed unto which you will be embraced by a Ghanaian family. They value marriage and relationships so much. However, don’t be alarmed, there is no pressure to get married. It is just an indication of the affection and steadiness of your relationship.

4. Angola

Angola is another country with good-looking people. Women in Angola are beautiful and their men are extremely handsome. Angolan men are tall and classy. What makes Angolan men stand out is their sense of fashion and a good sense of humor. Some Angolan men are top models who work for some of the top brands in the World. Angola men are very handsome and have a good sense of fashion. Just like Brazil, Angola has some of the world’s most amazing men. Their features have high African and Portuguese influences. They are somehow dark but very handsome and have attractive skin with beautiful features. Civilization actually started in Angola, thus I don’t find it surprising that Angola is probably the home of the most handsome men in Africa. Angola men are by far one of the most handsome men in Africa. Angola men are magnificent. Regardless, their features are unique and incredibly attractive. They have intriguing faces and hot shapes of bodies that are unrivaled. Angola men have topmost charts as the country with the most handsome men in Africa. Some of Angola’s men are top models, who have advertised for several brands around the world.

5. Eritrea

Eritrea, a small, unpopular country in East Africa on the banks of the Red Sea, is home to some of the continent’s most attractive men. They are frequently placed in the top ten African countries with the most beautiful people, as well as the top twenty countries in the globe. While Eritrea isn’t one of Africa’s most popular countries, the guys here are some of the most handsome in the continent. It is hard to tell the difference between Eritrean and Ethiopian men, although both are attractive. In addition to being excellent lovers, Eritrean men are extremely hard working. Nevertheless, most Eritrean men are patriarchal and will only marry within their own country.

6. Rwanda

Rwanda is currently one of those countries making Africa proud. The country was involved in one of the most brutal massacres in Africa that led to the loss of many lives and the destruction of properties. The male to female ratio was greatly affected. The female population dominates the male population even today. Rwanda men are very handsome and good-looking. I believe all men are cute regardless of race but Rwanda men are definitely a class above in my opinion. They have unique qualities that I love absolutely. The full lips that Rwanda men possess are an attractive feature that men from other cultures and around the world often attempt to duplicate. Their physical height is truly amazing. Rwanda men have nice eyes. And these are qualities every woman won’t fail to notice. On top of their physical features, Rwanda men are independent, very hardworking, and influential.

7. South Africa

South Africa is one of the maximum stunning and advanced nation in Africa. The splendor of South Africa as a rustic is one that will be argued, that it’s been aptly transferred to its men. You are by no means wrong in finding the most handsome men in Africa while you are in South Africa. From Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Durban; South African guys are lovely, be it White South African or Black South African it doesn’t matter. South African guys love to attend to themselves, eat healthily, go to gyms, and hang out a lot. They also are stylish and classy. Sleek and attractive South African males are the norm. You never go wrong in picking the most handsome guy in Africa when you are in the south. It is courteous to shake hands and maintain eye contact with a South African guy when you meet him for the first time. Men in South Africa are fashion icons because of the way they dress.

8. Morocco

Morocco men are very handsome and gorgeous. They believe in marrying only one wife, unlike other African men who marry many wives. Morocco men are funny and love to crack jokes. Morocco men practice Islamic religion and are much attached to their tradition. They are extremely proud of their culture and heritage and like to emphasize it. Morocco men are very well-groomed and dress very well. They love to dress neat and are often referred to as fashion icons. In Morocco, almost every man goes to a barber saloon on a regular basis. You will always see them in a barber’s shop on practically every corner. Also, nice clothes and accessories are very important to them as a way to show their material and social status. Morocco men dress to express and to impress. Morocco men believe in true love and are always searching for true love. They are romantically appealing and want to get married out of love. Morocco men are not just only handsome but also faithful to their spouses.

9. Ethiopia

When it comes to beauty in Africa, the name Ethiopia surely never misses on the list. Ethiopian guys, like their Eritrean brethren, are seldom a sight to behold. Some even believe that Ethiopian men are by far some of the most handsome men in the world. Besides, since civilization began in Ethiopia, they are likely to know the secret of maintaining beauty. Despite their facial endowment and gorgeous figures, Ethiopian men are considered to be compassionate and welcoming. Ethiopia does not only boast of top Athletes but it also has some of the best-looking people in the continent. Not only is Ethiopia made up of beautiful women, but Ethiopian men also are handsome as well, and with their sexy slender bodies with six-packs that make them desirable to women.

10. Somalia

Despite the political animosity in the Horn of Africa, you are likely to bump into the most handsome guy in Africa here. The people of Somalia are friendly and proud of their country’s history and culture. Its rich culture makes up for it. Most Somali men are tall, sultry, and incredibly handsome, and they are driven by a strong sense of purpose. A simple way to recognize a Somali man is by his distinctive physical appearance, which is noticeable anywhere. Somalians are, on the whole, fairly kind people with a rich culture and history. They may be found almost anywhere, and their intimidating physical appearance makes them easy to spot.

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